To the mum with a colic, reflux, silent reflux baby… I see you.

As you crumble to the floor just wanting the screams to ease.

As you master the courage to leave the house, but the fresh air hits you and you just walk and sob.

As you decline yet another coffee meet up or baby group to avoid all the comments and the unwanted ‘advice’. In the middle of the night when you are feeding your hiccuping, puking, back arched baby who is rigid with discomfort.

When you’re on your 9th hour of baby carrying, walking, rocking, sshing to aid their comfort but your entire body is crying out for sleep.

When a bit of you crumbles inside as your family and friends who come round to meet your baby seem disappointed that they don’t get the ‘perfect’ baby cuddle and just pass them back so quickly.

When you cancel plans again, because you either can’t face getting in the car for the screams just to intensify or just can’t muster up enough energy to put your game face on, to nod and smile through the screams.

When you read yet another social media post about ‘my perfect happy baby’ and once again your mind is plagued with questions about what you did wrong.

I see you.

Let me tell you this – You did nothing wrong. You are not failing. Those screams don’t define you as a mother.

But these days are dark and long. Brighter days are coming and you can get there, just like you show up and do it every single day. And you can again today, I promise.

Sending so much love ❤️

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