About Me

About Me

I’m Laura Stocks and I work with women and families in a number of supporting roles to prepare for the birth of your babies.

I have three children with my husband and we live in a leafy suburb by the river in Surrey.

All my births were vastly different. My first son was born on the labour ward as an induction, my daughter was born in a midwife lead unit in the water and my youngest son was born at home. Although so different in so many ways, two things ring true for them all; they were incredibly positive and the three most empowering moments of my life.

I believe that by stripping back negative connotations of birth, stripping back fears and preconceptions, stripping back emotional triggers, whilst informing yourself about the physiology of birth and your choices, you’ll have all the tools you’ll need to have a positive birth experience.

I believe in birth. I believe in you.

I love low key family days, any excuse for a party, quality time with friends, biscuits dunked in tea, good food & wine, anything sparkly and laughing until my face & belly hurt!

If you think I could support you on your journey in anyway – please holler, it would be so great to speak to you.

I offer a range of services including:

  • Hypnobirthing – online or in person, privately or as small group sessions
  • Private doula support at your birth
  • Private postnatal doula support to help in those first few weeks
  • Closing the Bones postnatal massage
  • Three Step Rewind technique for Birth Trauma.

Please do get in touch if any of these are of interest, it would be a pleasure to talk to you.

What makes me the right fit for you?

I bring absolutely no judgement to your birth space. I have no motive, other than to help you navigate your wishes, your hopes, perhaps your fears and your desires for YOUR birth.

I don’t come to birth with just an experience of calm hypnobirths which i’m evangelical about. As a Doula I see birth, in all its extremes and all its diversity. I bring this experience to your space – a path walked before, a companion to help you navigate which way works for YOU.

I believe in YOU. In your ability to make choices, in your body’s ability to birth and in your capabilities as a mother.

I work across Surrey to bring you unwavering support from the moment you pee on a stick (or whenever you contact me) to the moment you feel empowered as a mother to fly. I am ferociously protective over the families I work for, giving you my time, my knowledge and my love.

What people Say

“After a traumatic first birth, I felt so in control and positive about my second birth thanks to Laura”.

Mother, 2020

“Laura was my absolute ROCK and helped me process through it all. She instilled a new found confidence within myself”.

Mother, 2019

“I count myself incredibly lucky to have found her, and have her on my side during and after my pregnancy”.

Mother, 2019

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