Are you pregnant for the first time and wanting to take some control back at a time when everyone has an opinion on everything?

Or are you a second or third time mum wanting to have a better birth experience than you’ve had before?

Most importantly… do you want unwavering support helping you to educate yourself & prepare your mind and body in the lead up to your birth?

I’m Laura and I’m here to support you. Whether you are looking for Doula support at your birth, intimate hypnobirthing groups, bespoke antenatal support tailored just for you, looking to train as a Doula or support on your Doula journey, I’m here.

From supporting so many women, I’ve seen over and over again that birth is a totally all encompassing time in your life. It’s beautiful, it’s testing and it’s intense. Please don’t put it to one side and just go with the flow. With birth it actually takes a lot of work to actively ‘go with the flow’. Please take a moment to put your birth and YOU to the top of your priority list.

Not sure what you are looking for? Let me help you.

Doula Hampshire/Surrey

Unwavering support throughout your pregnancy and at your birth. I’ll be with you every step of the way guiding you, informing you on your rights, answering any questions and supporting you every moment of your birth alongside another birth partner or as your sole birth partner. I offer physical & emotional support, clarity & evidence based facts.


A 8-10 hour antenatal course to give you the tools to prepare for the birth you want. Giving you a thorough education on anatomy and physiology, teaching you relaxation techniques to allow you to be in control and giving you insight as to what to expect during birth and postnatally. These are offered as a group, privately, in person and online.

Other Birth Support

Positive birth sessions where we can have a check in before your birth to answer questions and enable you to feel focused and in control. Pre & postnatal restorative massage, birth trauma therapy and Doula training in Hampshire & Surrey. I am also a dedicated Mentor with Doula UK & Companion with Developing Doulas.

Doula myths busted

If you think Doulas are just for homebirths – think again! As a Doula I can support you at a birth centre, on the labour ward, in the theatre or at home across Hampshire, Surrey & South West London.

If you may think I’m there to replace your partner, that’s absolutely not my role! I’m there to support you both, to be a member of your birthing team, to allow your partner to be the best for they can be for you – to share the load at what can be an overwhelming time.

I am absolutely not a hippie either! The one thing all Doulas do have in common is we have a passion to empower women and support couples through the life changing journey of giving birth. There is a Doula out there for everyone with a complete spectrum of life and parenting experiences.

If you think I don’t believe in pain relief, that’s not the case at all either! I have supported and continue to support an array of births with different choices. What I do believe in is YOU. My role is to educate you on your options so you can make informed decisions that sit right for you.

Another one I hear, is ‘Doula’s are only for rich people’, which is such a crazy statement. For those with the means, just like everything in life it’s about priorities and what you choose to spend your money on. For those without the means – but in need of support – I (alongside with many other Doulas) work through the Doula UK Access Fund, making those vulnerable and in need get the support they deserve. I am always open to payment plans to suit each family, so please holler if you think you could benefit from this option.

“Laura was always on hand to answer any questions or concerns and you not only feel reassured by the evidence based information but lighter in the knowledge that you are heard and supported throughout the journey”.

MOTHER, May 2019

What is hypnobirthing and what does it do?

Hypnobirthing techniques are a way to make you feel in control during your birth. It’s not about what happens, but how you feel about what happens.

The breathing techniques allow you to be mentally, physically and emotionally relaxed so your body can just do its thing! The greater antenatal education (which is approved by the Royal College of Midwives) teaches you about all aspects of birth so you are informed and empowered to own your journey.

Hypnobirthing gives you the tools to be able to listen to your body and what it needs rather than being overwhelmed by the process.

A note to the Dads…

Fathers have such a crucial role as birth partners… you know the mum’s the best, her likes and dislikes, her fears, maybe her anxieties and how to make her laugh!

You can be the most incredible advocate for your partner in the birth space, making sure that her wishes are being listened to as well as taking control of all the logistics and practical stuff so the mother can be in her zone.

It takes the same energy to birth a baby as it does to make one! Your partner needs to feel safe, loved and relaxed for her hormones to do their thing and allow labour to progress. Give her the comfort measures you know she likes! It can be long, but that doesn’t mean that anything is wrong. Just try and carry on as normal as possible in those early stages – just treat it like a date & make her feel like a million dollars! Birth is normal. Her body was made to birth, so just protect her space so she can do her thing! 

“Having a Doula was like having a comfort blanket for our whole birth experience. Not once did we feel nervous or like things were out of our control. Laura simply made things easier for us which led to my wife having such a positive experience. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t have a Doula. For me as a nervous dad, it was everything”.

Father, 2019

About Us

The Stripped Back Birth approach puts you at the centre of your birth. Your wishes, your beliefs and your desires. Learning ways with me to cut through lots of the ‘stuff’ that can make birth seem daunting or frightening, we look to putting you in the control seat!

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