Other Support

As well as the birth of your baby, I support the birth of you as a mother. Whether you need additional support antenatally or additional help after your baby has been born, there are many ways in which I can support this truly transformative time in your life.

Postnatal Massage

This is a soft tissue massage and cradling/rocking of your pelvis which supports a woman’s recovery after childbirth; a way to celebrate the amazing abilities of your body and honour your journey to motherhood. The ritual element also creates a moment of stillness, of meditative peace and reflection on the roller coaster of emotions of new motherhood.

A moment in time carved out for you (in the familiarity of your own home) to just press the pause button and focus on your physical and emotional postnatal healing.

It can be done from as early as a few weeks postpartum and can still be beneficial even decades after child birth.

This can make a fabulous gift – a voucher can be purchased for someone else.

3-Step Rewind Technique for birth trauma

The symptoms for someone who has survived a traumatic event can be highly emotional and all consuming. When that event is a birth, there are such a huge array of emotions that come into play and can have a massive impact on day to day life and can make the prospect of having any more babies an impossible thought.

The treatment takes 3 stages:

Hearing your story and fully debriefing your birth. At this stage we highlight the changes you want to see.

I’ll then lead you on a guided relaxation where you can experience the event again whilst feeling safe and acknowledging your feelings.

We then look forward imaging the future having detached your emotions from the story.

Positive Birth Sessions

As well as the longer term courses I offer as antenatal education, I also offer one-off ‘positive birth’ sessions on the topic of your choice.

The most popular ones have been ‘Fourth Trimester Planning Sessions’ – preparing for the arrival of your baby and planning for your postnatal period, ‘Normalising Birth’ as we talk through the physiology of birth and ‘Preparing for a Cesarean’. These sessions are over zoom and I tailor them to your individual needs, so there is no blanket approach and your requirements are at the very centre of what we cover. I believe everyone deserves to feel positive about their birth.

“Quite simply, my Closing the Bones experience with Laura was transformative. Following two births and three miscarriages I felt open and vulnerable. Laura made me feel safe, loved, healed and understood. The Rebozo (I dont know if it was that!!) gentle rocking movement, loving diaphragmatic massage, the reading at the end, the oils used: every element of this experience was special. I recommend unreservedly to any woman”.

Mother, 2019

I believe wholeheartedly this is what your body was meant to do. How can I support you?

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