To the mum with a colic, reflux, silent reflux baby… I see you.

As you crumble to the floor just wanting the screams to ease. As you master the courage to leave the house, but the fresh air hits you and you just walk and sob. As you decline yet another coffee meet up or baby group to avoid all the comments and the unwanted ‘advice’. In theContinue reading “To the mum with a colic, reflux, silent reflux baby… I see you.”

An open letter to Reception Mums

So next week is looming, your mini human is off to big school. They’ve been going to nursery, but this feels so different. They may be your first baby or your last baby, but the thought of the first day makes your heart beat a little faster and your palms a bit sweaty. Early inContinue reading “An open letter to Reception Mums”

An open letter to my 6 month old.

Today you turn six months old. How on earth did that happen? I can’t believe that you’ve already been on this planet for 182 days. That’s 4368 hours ago that our family became complete in a way that I only ever dreamt of being possible. As I sit here amongst the lurgy of three tinyContinue reading “An open letter to my 6 month old.”

P.T.S.D – Finding the new normal.

So,  I just feel compelled to write a note today about the journey I have been on since the 3rd June when I was involved in the terrorist attack at London Bridge where eight people tragically lost their lives. The evening started as just a dinner with some friends – a rare chance for meContinue reading “P.T.S.D – Finding the new normal.”

A positive induction – it really can happen.

I don’t think it’s quite possible to put into words how excited I was for my baby to come into the world. After having an early miscarriage before Ollie, there was a time that I had convinced myself that I was unable to have a baby. I loved every part of being pregnant and justContinue reading “A positive induction – it really can happen.”