The birth of affinity birthing

I had been looking forward to Saturday for ages. I had booked into my ‘Introduction to becoming a doula’ course by Doula UK. I was initially excited to just find out more about a career path which I’d looked into, but weirdly I had an underlying feeling that I was going to discover that I didn’t like the reality of it, or the logistics wouldn’t work. A negativity that rarely ever shows it’s head, but for some reason it was there. So I focused on the fact that I get a day off from being a mummy and get a day to myself! You know… the chance to actually eat lunch with a fork, drink a hot drink and focus on me.

I was absolutely not prepared for the emotions that followed. After six hours in a room with incredibly positive women; all passionate about birth and women’s wellbeing… I was completely blown away by how uplifted I felt. All of us were there to gain more information on a ‘career’ that would allow us to nurture and care for women at an exceptional time in their lives. And I put career like that, because clearly the wonderful Steph and Ali who were running the course have chosen an all encompassing way of life. And WOWEE was it infectious and inspirational!! I left the course in the pouring rain and got absolutely drenched… with two kids in tow this would have been a recipe for disaster, but on this day I smiled the whole way home, making friends with a random shop keeper who helped fashion me some kind of poncho. A day of kindness and connections.

So that was that. Decision made. I’ve always been jealous of people that had a vocation in life… something that they just knew what they wanted to be. But I have no doubt that this is the vocation I have been waiting for. I am currently researching which course looks best for me and looking into parallel training to go alongside my doula prep course. Watch this space… I’m VERY excited!

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