Love always wins.

Reflecting back on the last year since the terrorist attack at London Bridge and what an insane roller coaster of emotions it’s been. I’ve spent the day today in the arms of my favourite humans, laughing from my very core and snuggling and cherishing that my littlest dude and I made it home that night.

A year of working through ptsd, pregnancy, working with some incredible women & families, the birth of my third child and the fourth trimester has been pretty immense.

But thought I’d share some thoughts/learnings/ramblings in no particular order…


✨Lean back in the arms of those that love you.

✨Each day is a new day. And if that’s too daunting, take it hour by hour. And breathe. Sometimes all you have to do is breathe – nothing more.

✨Give yourself a break & go gently, everything and everyone can wait.

✨It’s ok to say no.

✨Swap expectation for gratitude and the world is genuinely a much brighter place. Fact.

✨The rewind technique is a powerful tool for dealing with trauma. I feel like I owe so much to it.

✨CBT can provide incredible tools to help if you’re suffering from panic attacks. And counting back from 100 in multiples of 3 is an amazing way to focus your mind away from horrible thoughts when you’re trying to sleep.

✨If you find someone or something that makes you feel better, then ask them for support. Just accept the support & you’ll be so thankful you did.

✨Reflexology is amazingly calming when suffering from crazy high levels of anxiety.

✨Pregnancy & postnatal yoga is everything! Make space for you and your bump/baby in your busy life, you’ll be so pleased you did. Allow yourself that pause & the chance to be truly present.

✨Birth can be the most healing experience ever – believe in the magic.

✨Lean on your greater support network, chances are they are there because they love you and you’d do it ten times over for them.

✨Hold, cuddle, sniff, kiss and stare at your baby as much as you want – they are tiny for such a short time.

✨Reflux sucks… just listen to your mumma gut and reach out for the support you need.

✨Women are strong, powerful beings and at their most animalistic and raw, there is beauty like no other.

✨Breastfeeding takes time (even on round 3) but when you’ve cracked it it’s truly magical! A breastfeeding counsellor, or lactation consultant can help you listen to that mumma gut of yours!

✨You CAN do this.

✨Allow yourself to feel all the emotions – let them in. Only then do you know what you’re dealing with.

✨Closing the bones is a ritual that can allow you to honour your body, release emotions and allow you to feel held and supported both physically and emotionally.

✨You can feel safe again.

✨I do feel safe again.


I’m holding space in my heart for the amazing women I was with that night and for the loved ones of those that lost their lives a year ago today.

Thank you to my rocks, my support network, my teachers and to all those who’ve helped to hold and guide me this past year. I simply adore you x

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