It can totally all be about the journey *

*and sometimes that journey doesn’t need to include eggy kids or endless snacks!

Today I had a bit of a revelation that sometimes the magic happens in the journey rather than the destination. I know this isn’t a new notion, but today it just hit me! Whether it be the food, the activities or the places we visit…  I find myself so often getting in a bit of a rut. Just hitting repeat and cracking on to get to where we need to.

I had a play date with my 3.5 and 1.5 year old in Clapham Junction, so I committed to making my little boy crazily happy and take the train. We don’t really take the train much so it was a fun treat. And it really was. It was a bit much getting out and to the station for the first off peak train – why is it always mornings like that that everything gets spilt and everything is an effort?! Bleugh! But we actually made it all on time for the train, all happy, no dramas… so I gave myself a little internal high five and started our journey.

Ollie was in heaven talking me through every single thing he was seeing and it was so gorgeous to see what was once my mundane commute to work, through his beautifully excitable eyes. Ella made friends waddling through a little bit of the carriage, connecting with people radiating her warm heart and sparkly happy eyes. 

One man actually took the time to stop and say to me “you’re doing a really great job”. I mean… how kind is that. Too often when I was pregnant I had people ignoring me and not offering seats, but this man actually took those few seconds to share such kind, encouraging words and be in the moment with us.

I then had a classic ‘got lost in Clapham junction train station’ moment amidst re-directions and searching for step free access. But the adventure continued. My phone then suddenly dropped to 1% so I just went off memory and asked a postman the quickest way. So that was followed by us walking with said postman for a good five minutes as he offered to walk us there, smiling and chatting as we went. I mean… I know it’s the little things but such kindness, it made my morning so much easier. 

The play date was less successful really, but I mean I guess I couldn’t have expected them to be angels all day could I?! I got to catch up with one of my fabulous fellow Developing Doulas and it was just glorious to be in her company for a cheeky couple of hours. And I guess that makes the whole day a raving success in my book! I know I often get so focused on the getting from a to b, trying to keep things simple or taking the quickest route possible that I forget to see the magic in all the small things. 

I don’t make New Year resolutions, but I do make a commitment to try and enjoy all these little nuggets of discovery & throw myself out of my comfort zone more. 

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